Sunday, December 18, 2011

SMILE - symbol of happiness !

       What makes us different from the others is our smile =D . We smile everyday,but not all of us realize what a great power a smile has . When we smile world seems more colorful and we become more attractive. In fact women smile more often then men.

Did u know that :
1. A smile is one of the most used human facial expressions. Smiles can use between 5 to all 53 muscles.
2.Smiling releases endorphins and makes us feel better, even when you fake a smile you can feel better.
3.Humans are able to differentiate between a real smile and a fake smile by seeing the difference in a persons eyes when they smile.
4.Newborns tend to have more preference for a person with a smile then a person that is not smiling.
5.Smiling is transmittable

                      Let the world know you are fine and happy .... SMILE =)
with love , NFS !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

School's event !!!

Violence is the use of physical force to injure people or property. Violence may cause physical pain to those who experience it directly, as well as emotional distress to those who either experience or witness it. Individuals, families, schools, workplaces, communities, society, and the environment all are harmed by violence.
"The Stop Violence symbol."

We all know about the World’s problem connected with violence. The problems in family, school or society cause the aggressive behavior, especially in teen’s life. And sometimes nobody can help them, unless themselves.
Don’t let people kill you, kill your personality. They are not  “Superior characters” to make decisions about others’ lives. Nobody has a right to influence you, to scare you, to destroy you! STOP them!!!

We are against violence!
And so, our history teacher decided to organize a flesh mob, to attract people fighting with the problem.
The flesh mob consists of:  wearing white, cute bear steps, a big blue heart and saying your own opinion!

Well , there’s some photos made during the flesh mob:

"Stop Violence"

"The big blue heart with pictures of amazing children. Our school kids who participated on the event."
(P.S.:  Talking about our school flesh mob on the local news. ) 

"The bear step. An emblem of the event."

"Pupils writing their thoughts on the 'Stop violence wall'. "
                                                             with love , NFS !