Tuesday, December 31, 2013

“ Christmas miracles “

   When we were little we used to believe in fairytales , in supernatural powers and heroes .  About most of them we already forgot , but there is one that you will never forget , why ? Well , because  he appears every year but only for a night , maybe because Santa is also a man xD .  Many of you may be confused right now : “ What ? Santa a hero ? “ . Yes , to me he is ! After an year of tiring work and studies , now I can finally forget about everything , to live in a small fairytale again , to spend my own time and money just on me and my loved ones . And all that thanks to Santa <3 . After you’ll see this video try to say Santa isn’t a hero : 
 Telling the truth , winter holidays are the best !!! It’s not just the time when all the family members gather and spend amazing time together . Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ . Why wouldn’t we use it to become a better person? 
Things that seem to be small for you , may be very big for those around  you . Things like sharing your ideas , toys , clothes or simply your x-mas spirit . =P

EARTHA LITT - Santa baby 

DEAN MARTIN - Let it snow 

MARIAH CAREY - All I want for Christmas is you 

                    HAPPY HOLIDAY <3 
                       NFS !

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bad Girls Invasion

  “ Good girls go to heaven , bad girls go everywhere “  -Helen Gurley Brown
  Lately , I use the bus more often than I did before and the only fun thing I can do is to listen to some music xD . And there is one thing that I realized ,  in my playlist , I started to add  more songs of the “ bad girls “ style  . Catchy  melodies with some cool  lyrics and sure . . . badass outfits  .  While watching  a movie the bad girls always stands up , isn’t it  ?  The words they say , the way they move , the style / looks they have , just don’t tell me you never pretended to be a bad girl  xD . And since I’m saying it , I have to agree with Willa Holland : “It’s so much fun to play the bad girl. Everybody has that little side of them they never really get to get out” .  
“There are no good girls  gone wrong  - just bad girls found out “  -  Mae West 
 Personally , I think everybody has this little bad side , but everybody has their own definition of the word “bad “ . What being bad means to you ? Being daring and flirty ? Or party hard girl ? Playboy  ? Or maybe not being afraid to break some rules ? Whatever it is being bad always seem to be a little more fun, isn’t it  ?  

“The reason Santa is always so jolly is because he knows where the bad girls live “ – George Calin 
The bad girl image is being promoted everywhere and it’s getting more and more  popular among teens ,even is Asia where apparently cute girls are the best or so I thought . And this is the list of singer/songs when I say “bad girl “ xD :

1 . The baddest female CL :
 CL ( the baddest famale ) is one of my favourite female singers from S.Korea , her strong and confident image makes her stand up out of all korean girl groups / female singers <3 .

2 The swaggy miss  IGGY AZALEA :

Iggy Azalea's unique vocals and cool outfits makes you fall in love with her , this girl's got swag !

3 The one and only MADONNA :
I guess there is not much to say about Madonna , her reputation is worldwide , if you don't know her , watch out , you're living on another planet xD .

4 Our korean powerhouse LEE HYORI :
 Korea's sexy queen Lee Hyori !!! Flawless personality ,big hear  and daring , she is definitely an " all in " 
4 Freshy LYDIA PAEK :
M.i.a - BAD GIRLS (cover by LYDIA PAEK )
Amazing dancer , cool style and all that with some great vocals .... yummy, cute pie Lydia Paek xD .
Those are my top 4 bad girls from my playlist , but if there is any bad girls you want to share with us , let us know on our Fb page :P . 

Be bad , let the Santa know where you live  hohohoho . Bye bye !!!
-NFS <3

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Список открытий. Часть первая

Как уже наскучила тусклая и монотонная жизнь. Поэтому я решила взяться за подробное изучение нашего города, его красот и развлечений что люди могли когда-либо открыть. И так, вот он список моих открытий (лично на себе все не проверяла, но это в планах). Конечно, некоторые из них не подойдут для такого сурового время года, который наступает. Но, это будет хорошей заметкой для следующего лета.

Из ряда кино, я открыла для себя два оригинальных и мега романтичных места. Конечно, в обычный, всеми любимый кинотеатр каждая «уважающая себя» пара должна побывать. Но, не будем забывать о разнообразии:

1. Cinema Roof - Первый в Кишиневе кинотеатр, расположенный на крыше дома. Адрес: Студенческая улица. Цена билета 35 лей, по предварительному бронированию.

2. AutoCinema - первый в своем роде авто кинотеатр под открытым небом в Кишиневе. Расположенный за зданием торгового центра «Megapolis Mall», кинотеатр рассчитан всего на 40 парковочных мест, и располагает экраном размером 36 квадратных метров. Въезд на 1 сеанс: 50 лей.
Но ведь не все же любят спокойную и тихую обстановку. Для экстремалов и любителей острых ощущений существует: тир, пейнтбол, роуп-джампинг, скалодром и многое другое.

За одну игру в пейнтбол, вы можете заплатить от 150 до 250 лей (от человека). За туже суму вы можете испытать умопомрачительные ощущения прыгнув с «Башни виноделов» (я о роуп-джампинге, конечно =)) ). Вы можете прыгнуть роуп с высоты 55 метров и\или 75 метров. Один прыжок – 200 леев, два – 300.

Тир и скалодром обойдутся вам дешевле. Развлекательное лазание (1-3 подъема или до 10 минут попыток) будет стоить 10 леев; в сумму входит краткий инструктаж, пользование страховочной системой, страховка инструктора. Для опытных: лазание со своим партнером и своим снаряжением – 20 леев/человек без ограничения времени.

Тир ЦСКА, Телецентр, ул. Нистор, 16, тел: 79-70-11 (с 9-00 до 17-00 кроме воскресенья)
Стрельбище «Динамо»: ул. Н. Димо, 30, тел. 44-70-92
Недавно открылся отличный бар-тир в районе Дойны: зал 50 метров, различные виды оружия, вменяемые цены (5 леев за 1 патрон).

Подготавливая этот пост, я нашла уйму вещей, которые я запланировала попробовать следующем летом. И это только начало… Ждите новых открытий =)))

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My first work experience

   It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote anything on our  blog ,  so . . . I feel a little weird doing it right now xD .Too many things kept me busy all this time , things like my prom , my family and friends , my final exams and  . . . (ta- dam !) my first work experience xD . Even though it was not for a long time , I made a lot of memories , met a lot of new people and most important thing , I found out some new sides of me that I didn’t know before .
  Still , my first day was a disaster !!! xD  In the morning everything went as usual , but then I had to wait at the bus station around 30 minutes, because my bus just wouldn’t come T.T . I felt so happy when it finally arrived  xD , but my happiness didn’t last long , because the bus broke in the middle of my way , had to take a walk in that hot day . Within an hour I got there .
  It was a small , nice place , but the music was too loud for me . Just by thinking of my first  day of work experience , I feel bad xD . Happily later things got really smooth , until I didn’t get sick  and the “ smarty pants” I was working with didn’t make it any easier , but that’s ok , I know what I’m made of ( gold xD ) joke .
 No matter what  , I had a nice experience . And now that NFS are back in the line , let's enjoy some music : 
 Beyonce - Grown Woman

 XOXO . . . 
NFS <3

Saturday, May 25, 2013

9 reasons why it’s easier to be a guy xD

  Some time ago one guy asked me if I like being a girl . xD At first I thought it’s such a weird question and my answer obviously was  “-yes” . xD 
Beyonce - Run the world 

 But after that whenever I was facing an awkward situation  back in my mind I thought to myself  “ damn , why am I not a guy  ? “ xD So , while thinking about it I wrote 9 reasons why it’s easier to be a guy :
 1 Guys don’t need at least one hour to get ready every morning , all they need is a 10 minutes  shower xD 
2 In the hot , summer days they easily can go topless .
3 They don’t have to spend so much time on the phone consoling their friends .
4 They don’t need to spend so much time and  money on shopping .
5 The queues at men’s public bathrooms are 80% smaller than the women’s ones .
6 They don’t need to clean their rooms whenever someone comes along .
7 They don’t need to stay  on a diet .
8 They always find something to watch on TV .
And finally , they can speak  up whatever is on their minds without being judged .
  Christina Aguilera - Can't hold us down 

This is all  I could think of , but if I missed something , let me know . xD 
NFS ! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The event: "Happy faces"

Today is the 15th of April 11 p.m. and I am looking to write something interesting that had happened in my life. For about 3 days I have been preparing this piece of paper for the writing, but unfortunately my laziness has the priority =)

As I decided to write about the events had happened in our country, city, school and soul, I’m going to tell you about the super-mega event that took place in our school. It was not something unpredictable, unique or unforgettable. It was just unusual for our monotone, grey and nauseating school days. The yard-sale that had been preparing by our sweet teachers didn’t left us without our stomachs  fool of good dishes :3

The main minus of this day was the weather. But as a very optimistic nation, we found the way to warm our bodies through our hearts. A good music, a dance and happy faces were enough=)
Being fascinated by this day I decided to share my emotion with you. So, look the pictures:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Girl walks into the room …

  Nowadays girls divide into 2 groups : “ cute girls “ and “hot girls” . Each is good either way , but you can’t disagree that whenever this sexy , confident girl enters  the room she is the one that catch all looks . I bet at least once in your life you wanted to be like her . Well , it’s possible . What does it take ?
Ummm… let’s see : 
1 Make-up !

   What can raise your confidence as much as make-up does ? Look carefully in the mirror , what do you like more about yourself ? Maybe you have very beautiful eyes ? Or maybe you have sexy lips  ? Whatever it is , put a little bit of gloss or mascara  ,but don’t exaggerate with make-up , you want to look pretty , not creepy right  ? xD 

   Did you ever saw any confident girl walking with her head down ? Umm … I don’t think so !
High heels will make you look more feminine and your legs will look a bit longer ….. sexy  ke ke ke .
“ I don’t know who invented high heels , but all women  owe him a lot . “  - Marilyn Monroe 

3 Confident ? – yes , yes ! Arrogant – no , no ! 

   You see hundreds of people per day smiling ….. did you ever thought how much power does a smile have ? A smile makes difference between an arrogant person and a sweet person , between a broken- hearted girl and a bright girl . Let me tell you something …. being a confident girl , doesn’t mean to be a bad girl . Don’t be afraid to smile .  Do compliments , smile , feel comfortable about yourself , boys like easy – going girls . =P

See ? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 xD . Good Luck to all of you ! 
NFS <3