Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween !

Halloween is coming ! Are you guys ready to have some fun?
 Halloween is one of my favorite holidays . Curious why ? Because I think everybody wants sometimes to put on a mask and do some crazy things you normally won’t do xD . And Halloween is the perfect day for it! Don’t you think so  ?

Having hard times doing your costume ? Don’t know whom you want to be ?

Want to be mysterious ?
Maybe you want look scary ?
Or want to be cute ?
I know it’s her daily look , but I’d try it for Halloween .

Whatever your choice is I think I know who can help you !
 She is Promise Phan , one of my favorite make-up artists. Her videos + a bit of practice and you will have an incredible Halloween . Or you could do a mask on your own , which is a bit harder I think . But here is a mask I like : 

Let’s have fun !!! 
Hope you’ll have some great time trying it . 
Happy Halloween ,NFS !

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Learn to be confident !

 I decided to write this post , because it seems to be a big issue with a lot of people.
Doesn’t matter, how old are you and what place in this society do you take, there are always some people around you trying to bring you down with their harsh words and actions. Everyone had a moment when our confidence was crushed . Maybe you were bullied at school or maybe someone told you , you are not good enough. 
 But then comes a moment when you get sick  and tired  of all that and you realize that it has to be changed .
“It takes far less courage to kill yourself than it takes to make yourself wake up one more time .” –Judith Rossner

  You can change the world ,by  changing your heart. But if there’s something that can’t be changed , change your attitude towards this thing.  You  can‘t  make all those people stop talking about you , but you know what ? As long as they keep hating means  you’re doing something right .  While all those people are focused on you , focus on things you like to do , on people that make you happy , on your dreams . People always judge , but don’t let them bring you down. Making your dreams come true is the best form of revenge .

 I guess you think that it’s easier to say than to actually do it . Well, true ! But I want to share with you some tips that I hope will help you .

1 Don’t compare yourself to the others. Just because they are good-looking doesn’t mean  you are not ! Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are , you never know whose been looking at you wishing they could be you .

2 Surround yourself with friends who will remind you how wonderful you are !

3 Waking up in the morning go to the mirror , smile and compliment yourself , because you deserve it , make some funny faces .It will also help when you are in a bad mood xD .

4 Make the other people feel comfortable around you by complimenting them , but  do it just because you want it, don’t do it in order to please others. And don’t be annoying , leave  them some space to mind their business .

5 Learn to do things on your own .

6 Your confidence must be based on something. You may be an amazing dancer , actor or singer , maybe you have a higher IQ than your classmates or you are good at sports etc.

7 Change your body language . While walking , don’t let your head down , sure you have to watch your steps to don’t fall xD . Don’t be afraid to make eye contacts , I bet they won’t  bite you xD . Don’t talk too fast , make your speech  understandable . Be calm .
8 If you want to be happy , be !

But to make the others realize how smart , beautiful and confident you are , you have to realize it first !
Here are some of my favorite quotes that make me feel stronger :
“I don’t care what you think about me . I don’t think about you  at all .”  – Coco Chanel

“Worry less about what other people think about you and more about what you think about them“ -Fay Weldom

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be . Before you start pointing  fingers, make sure your hands are clean .” –Bob Marley

“If I didn’t care for fun and such, I’d probably amount to much. But I shall stay the way I am, because I don’t give a damn. “ –Dorothy Parker 

Those are some great quotes from some great people . 

            Hope I helped . With love , NFS !


Let's be SuperWomen- EVERYDAY! PART2

First provocation!
Working with your body!
As we all know, not so long ago, we accepted a new challenge: to become superwomen! And not leaving you in increasing your laziness I prepared some good and helpful videos to change your body completely.
I don’t have a mission to frighten you. So, I decided to divide our training into some categories (Simple, Intermediate and Advanced Levels).

Simple Level



Intermediate Level



Advanced Level: 

 in Russian! 
P.S: If you don’t have dumbbells you may use 2 bottles filled with water

Advices for your good looking (hair, face, hands) are coming!!

With Love, your personal trainer NFS <3

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let's be SuperWomen- EVERYDAY! PART1

It is so hard to keep your body, face and style in a perfect condition. But, as every woman we try not to allow our laziness being a winner and wake up early in the morning to prepare our aspect to the appointment with the world outside. It is very hard for me either, especially when you are totally submerged in your business/ school/ work. By the end, being completely exhausted with this loooong morning routine, I decided to find information to help me and you being ready from the toes ‘til the hair for the ”hard” day. Complying this simple rules won’t take much time and won’t let you to turn into a “scarecrow” ))

Let first make a plan. We divide the whole week into the categories:
Monday: HAIR
Tuesday: FACE
Wednesday: BODY
Thursday: NAILS
Friday: HAIR
Saturday: FACE
+ We shouldn’t forget about the morning exercises! I know it’s hard. And it’s harder in the cold mornings, when your only wish is not to leave your lovely bed. But a cool body doesn’t grow on the pastry. So, the exercises are very easy and the most important are very effective:

1)  60 abs exercises
2) 20 bendings forward
3) 20  tilts right
4) 20 leans on the left 
5) 40 squats

So, every step need to be done by time. You can’t get everything in a moment. The second part you’ll see next time. But now, you have a week of exercises as a first step. Hope I will resist, too =D

P.S.: A small playlist with some music for training: The Playlist

                                                               With Love,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keep to move on !

 Life is never easy, it has it’s ups and downs. It’s always easier to run away from problems than to solve them. No matter how hard you try to avoid troubles you can be “dumped” by someone you care about, you can be cut from a competition that you were waiting for a long time. After being betrayed people usually become quiet, because they think there is something wrong with them. But what doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger.

 “No one has the right to sit down and feel hopeless. There’s too much work to do.”
                                              -Dorothy Day 

 I know all those hard times will teach us a lot. And some day it’ll be just another experience.

Failure is just another way to learn how to do something right.”
                                         -Marian Wright Edelman

  Stay strong! And be sincere with the people you love, don’t hurt them. 

Condor dat viribus alas”. (Latin saying)
Meaning : “Sincerity gives wings to strength!

 All those hard time make us realize how many amazing things are around us, just we don’t notice them.

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you “.
                                     -Mary Tyler Moore 

Leave the past and live the present!

With love <3