Saturday, March 23, 2013

Girl walks into the room …

  Nowadays girls divide into 2 groups : “ cute girls “ and “hot girls” . Each is good either way , but you can’t disagree that whenever this sexy , confident girl enters  the room she is the one that catch all looks . I bet at least once in your life you wanted to be like her . Well , it’s possible . What does it take ?
Ummm… let’s see : 
1 Make-up !

   What can raise your confidence as much as make-up does ? Look carefully in the mirror , what do you like more about yourself ? Maybe you have very beautiful eyes ? Or maybe you have sexy lips  ? Whatever it is , put a little bit of gloss or mascara  ,but don’t exaggerate with make-up , you want to look pretty , not creepy right  ? xD 

   Did you ever saw any confident girl walking with her head down ? Umm … I don’t think so !
High heels will make you look more feminine and your legs will look a bit longer ….. sexy  ke ke ke .
“ I don’t know who invented high heels , but all women  owe him a lot . “  - Marilyn Monroe 

3 Confident ? – yes , yes ! Arrogant – no , no ! 

   You see hundreds of people per day smiling ….. did you ever thought how much power does a smile have ? A smile makes difference between an arrogant person and a sweet person , between a broken- hearted girl and a bright girl . Let me tell you something …. being a confident girl , doesn’t mean to be a bad girl . Don’t be afraid to smile .  Do compliments , smile , feel comfortable about yourself , boys like easy – going girls . =P

See ? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 xD . Good Luck to all of you ! 
NFS <3