Friday, September 23, 2011

->Let your eyes shine <-

  Choosing the right make-up to your look is as important as your accesories.Here are 3 different looks we like:
              Natural Beauty !
  For  a daily make-up , for school chosee a more natural look.If you have black hair use a black mascara,but if you are blonde then use a brown one.For your lips and your eyeshadow I prefer nude colors .Take your hair in a ponytail.
     Here are some examples:

       Romantic Girl!
  If you go to a date and you want to gain his heart with a more innocent and romantic look.
For this look use your favorite eyeshadow ,use a black mascara ,use the eyeliner to make a thin line for a more finished look.Then your eyes will shine like 2 little stars and be sure ,he won't take his eyes off  =D.Let your hair down ,I prefer curls and use a cute accesory .
                                                                                                    Jessica Alba
                                                          Taylor Swift
     Drama Queen !
   Are you going to party tonghit? Smocky eyes are perfect for going clubing.Start with the eyeshadows,for  this look use 3 colors .Start with the lightest color and go darker to the corner of your eyes.Use the black mascara ,move it to the corner .Finish your look using eyeliner. For your lips use the rose lipstick or any of your favorite lipstick.Pick your hair up into an "updo".It will make you look more glamourous !

                                                                                             Promise Phan

                                                          With love .... ♥NFS ♥