Saturday, June 30, 2012

-Do you believe it when people say they’re happy ?

Few days ago I got a letter from my pen pal from U.S.A , Jen. Behind her lovely letter she also sent me something to read , it was “Wild Things “ by Mariana Cook . In the end it says : “ –Do you believe it when people say they're happy ? “. For some reasons this phrase  stuck  in my head ! Thinking about it I realized that I show my real feelings just to my friends as well, but why ? Why are people so scared to show their true feeling? Maybe they think they look weak crying in front of the others ,but let me tell you something :” we are all human being and happiness isn’t the only feeling we can feel , we also can be hurt and cry ,we can be angry and  do crazy things. Why are you ok with laughing in front of the others ,but prefer to cry somewhere alone in a dark corner ?

  If you’ll ask me :”-Do believe when people say they’re happy?” Well I don’t know what they really feel inside ,but I prefer to believe they are! How about you ? Do you really know what people around you feel ?

P.S  Thanks to Jen for her lovely letter !
                                                                                                            With love,
                                                                                                                   NFS !