Friday, November 16, 2012


As we all know family is one of the most important things in everybody’s being. And family members are the closest friends a person might have in a whole life. They help us to pass some problems or to find some confidence in ourselves, to get a goal. They influence our life as much as we influence theirs. But nobody will stand by your side in any case until the end, except your mother.

Nowadays, teenagers don’t appreciate their mother’s care and put on the first positions their friends, lovers and interests. But let’s browse through the history of your own.
Yesterday, you have won the championship of the best runners. Talking with the journalists you thank your trainer for your success. But who was your first trainer? Who had taught you to walk?

A year ago your novel became a bestseller. Now you are the best play writer of a world. You thank your dreams that gave you an idea of the scenery? But who was the person who have been teaching you an alphabet for ages, because you couldn’t understand, what’s the difference, between “u” and “w”?

Mothers -have the greatest influence on us!

As a conclusion I want to say: Listen to your mother. It’s not just a simple phrase the adults say to you every time instead of “good-bye”. Otherwise you might lose a good chance to affirm yourself as a unique person. 

                                          With love for all the mothers from the whole world,