Saturday, December 8, 2012

Love and distance

  Everybody lately talks about love , everybody has a different understanding of this word “love” , but watching people from afar you’ll notice how absorbed they are searching for a lover, for their “one and only” . But finding love isn’t so hard as it is to keep it. Someone told me that “ love never lose” , now  I wonder is it true or not . It feels amazing to love and to be loved , to hold hands, to kiss , to protect and to respect each other . But what will happen if the two of them won’t be able to do it ? Can people fall in love or keep their relationship at distance ? I think yes, it’s possible ! I choose to believe in love , even if it’s hard sometimes . 

  Have you ever found a person through internet with whom you could talk all day and night and feel like there isn’t any distance between you two ? I was lucky enough  to find such person . And I bet everyone of us have even met a person with whom you couldn’t find at least one topic to  talk about . Even if the person was right in front of you , but you felt like there was a big distance between you two.
 The distance can make your relationship stronger or can make it fall apart . It can be a hard challenge for a couple since they won’t be able even to kiss each other , but the “forbidden fruit “ is always sweeter , isn’t it ? xD
   Don't waste your time ,if you found the right person , make sure you do everything to make her /him feel special . 
            With LOVE , NFS !