Wednesday, June 29, 2011

While jogging...

The thing I'm thinking while jogging :

       One day, while jogging I listened to my favorite playlist. So, I think everybody do the same… :D
Well, it is so pleasant to listen to your favorite music and doing the things that you like most ( except dancing, of course hahah )
       Actually, I like jogging. Sometimes I’m pretty lazy to wake up earlier, but anyway, I really LOVE it.
Do you remember the movie  “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt ? So, there is a scene when they are preparing the add for Nike sport clothes. Do you remember ?
       Helen Hunt character called Darcy Maguire said : “…She's running. It's early, it's quiet. Just the sound of her feet on the asphalt. She likes to run alone. No pressure, no stress. This is the one place she can be herself. Look any way she wants, dress, think any way she wants. No game playing, no rules…”
       Just imagine this picture… Just imagine… And now, decide what music is playing in your headphones. Rock, pop or something relaxing? Every person has a different taste.
       So, now I’m going to show you my favorite songs that plays every time in my headphones. Let’s begin…
1.       I like relaxing songs. Songs which contain piano music, guitar:
       Ludovico Einaudi – Divenire  

                   Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me

      George Winston- Canon (in D)
      Trentemoller – Miss you   
    Nick Jonas- Give Love a Try
                    And there’s a lot from Russian music 

2.       Sometimes I need something more energetic and funny. For example :D :
Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
Ne-Yo – One in a million
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
Or from K-pop ♥

      How you understood I can continue the list :D there’s a lot of good music, for every taste, just choose. And remember, don’t follow somebody, follow your heart ;)

                                                           Love ,