Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What does dance represent?

What does dance represent?

Dance represents life! For me, dancing has a very big importance. Trough dancing I can express my feelings, my thoughts. I can introduce myself without saying anything. My moves will tell you my story! Nowadays, there are a lot of movies about dance, and how it changes people, their life, their view about many things.

Street dance

                                                          The series of the Step up movies:
Step Up
Step Up 2

Step Up 3

The series of the Honey movies:


Honey 2

If you can’t dance in public places, like: club, disco… You may just switch up your CD player, choose you favorite song, close the door in your room and dance until midnight.  I’m really obsessed about dancing, and I follow the examples of people that incredibly well, that may learn me something good. There’s the example:

Never stop moving, never stop living! Because it’s the way to shown the world who you are!

                                                       Lots of love and best wishes,