Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anger is not a problem. What we do with it is.

Why people are 
Why they isolate themselves from the world?
Why they don’t smile?
The problem is in “anger”. But what is the reason of it? The same- people. Sometimes we are so tired of all these faces around us, so we start hating everything. Have you ever had an urge to be like Will Smith in the “I Am Legend” movie. To be alone in the whole world for one day ? To have just a dog near you and to tell him about everything you have in your mind.  My answer is Yes, Yes and again Yes!
Knowing myself I can’t stay calm when I’m full of anger. And for me the main problem is what to do with it. So, some activities that you can do when your eyes are in the fire land are:
1)       going to the gym
2)       making yoga
3)       crying on your friend’s shoulder
4)       eating
5)       listening to music etc.
But, what to do if it doesn’t help? Shout! Not to the people, but in the space!

I’m sure, this will help you to become calm and to save good relationships with others.
Keep your emotions in you, don’t show them to the others. And it will change you: boys to be real gentlemen and girls to be real ladies.
 With Love,
  NFS !