Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stereotypes. Handsome guys

TVXQ's Changmin <3 A perfect example of a handsome guy ! ke ke ke

 There are so many stereotypes about handsome guys . That they are arrogant , liars ,stupid . But are all those rumors truth or made up by some jealous people ? Well, let’s see how handsome guys really are .  

  1) Handsome guys = 100 % cheaters / playboys ?

  Handsome guys are always surrounded by pretty girls ,isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean that they will play with a girl’s feelings .  Also you have to realize that good-looking guys have their complexes and one of them is to lose their charm . And from times to times they feel like they need to prove that they are still charming . Yet it’s important for guys to don’t lose themselves  in those “weak “ moments  . They just need to realize that if your girlfriend is still with you , it already proves that you are still wanted  .

   2)   They are dating just good-looking girls ?

  Well …… you will never see the most handsome guy from your school going out with a timid , old-fashioned girl , isn’t it ? All guys like pretty girls  , in the end of the day girls also dream to have near a handsome guys , isn’t it ? But there are also times when the opposites get attracted  by each other . And that’s mean that you don’t have to look like a model to have a good-looking boyfriend . Be a bit more confident and a little more foxy , that’s what all the guys like xD .

3)Are they narcissists / arrogant ?
 They are obsessed with their look ? They look in the mirror every 5 minutes ?  I don’t think anyone can really be like this . I think it was made up by some less attractive people or just jealous people xD . Let’s  look at it from another angle , how great will it be to go shopping with your boyfriend who won’t tell you that it’s  just a waste of time , but can also help you with an advice .

 4)      Handsome guys =  Stupid guys ?
 Everybody knows all those jokes about blonde girls , oh , well handsome guys have to deal with  such problems either . But it does not mean that all good-looking people are stupid . Probably all of you have ever met a girl saying that she doesn’t want to have a handsome boyfriend , because she has nothing to talk with them about , sounds like an excuse . I bet she also has her eyes on this guy , but he doesn’t even notice her xD. Everyone is different , there are handsome and smart guys as well as ugly and stupid guys and sure there are also handsome and less smart guys either . Is high IQ more important than a good personality ? Yes ? Wow , and since when ? 

5) They think all girls are at their feet ? 

 They are used to have a lot of girls around them without making a lot of effort ?  They think you will fall for them at first sight ?  Proud of the “collection “ that they made until now ? Sadly, most of them really think this way .  Handsome guys are always a bit arrogant when it comes down to their charms . They know exactly what to do and what to say to make you fall for them . That’s why you have to be careful around all those good-looking guys xD . You can never know what is on their minds . But let’s not be sad , you will definitely meet your good-looking guy who will love just you . 

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful people 

Good luck in finding your handsome guy ^^
With love ,