Monday, April 15, 2013

The event: "Happy faces"

Today is the 15th of April 11 p.m. and I am looking to write something interesting that had happened in my life. For about 3 days I have been preparing this piece of paper for the writing, but unfortunately my laziness has the priority =)

As I decided to write about the events had happened in our country, city, school and soul, I’m going to tell you about the super-mega event that took place in our school. It was not something unpredictable, unique or unforgettable. It was just unusual for our monotone, grey and nauseating school days. The yard-sale that had been preparing by our sweet teachers didn’t left us without our stomachs  fool of good dishes :3

The main minus of this day was the weather. But as a very optimistic nation, we found the way to warm our bodies through our hearts. A good music, a dance and happy faces were enough=)
Being fascinated by this day I decided to share my emotion with you. So, look the pictures: