Saturday, May 25, 2013

9 reasons why it’s easier to be a guy xD

  Some time ago one guy asked me if I like being a girl . xD At first I thought it’s such a weird question and my answer obviously was  “-yes” . xD 
Beyonce - Run the world 

 But after that whenever I was facing an awkward situation  back in my mind I thought to myself  “ damn , why am I not a guy  ? “ xD So , while thinking about it I wrote 9 reasons why it’s easier to be a guy :
 1 Guys don’t need at least one hour to get ready every morning , all they need is a 10 minutes  shower xD 
2 In the hot , summer days they easily can go topless .
3 They don’t have to spend so much time on the phone consoling their friends .
4 They don’t need to spend so much time and  money on shopping .
5 The queues at men’s public bathrooms are 80% smaller than the women’s ones .
6 They don’t need to clean their rooms whenever someone comes along .
7 They don’t need to stay  on a diet .
8 They always find something to watch on TV .
And finally , they can speak  up whatever is on their minds without being judged .
  Christina Aguilera - Can't hold us down 

This is all  I could think of , but if I missed something , let me know . xD