Tuesday, December 31, 2013

“ Christmas miracles “

   When we were little we used to believe in fairytales , in supernatural powers and heroes .  About most of them we already forgot , but there is one that you will never forget , why ? Well , because  he appears every year but only for a night , maybe because Santa is also a man xD .  Many of you may be confused right now : “ What ? Santa a hero ? “ . Yes , to me he is ! After an year of tiring work and studies , now I can finally forget about everything , to live in a small fairytale again , to spend my own time and money just on me and my loved ones . And all that thanks to Santa <3 . After you’ll see this video try to say Santa isn’t a hero : 
 Telling the truth , winter holidays are the best !!! It’s not just the time when all the family members gather and spend amazing time together . Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ . Why wouldn’t we use it to become a better person? 
Things that seem to be small for you , may be very big for those around  you . Things like sharing your ideas , toys , clothes or simply your x-mas spirit . =P

EARTHA LITT - Santa baby 

DEAN MARTIN - Let it snow 

MARIAH CAREY - All I want for Christmas is you 

                    HAPPY HOLIDAY <3 
                       NFS !