Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bad Girls Invasion

  “ Good girls go to heaven , bad girls go everywhere “  -Helen Gurley Brown
  Lately , I use the bus more often than I did before and the only fun thing I can do is to listen to some music xD . And there is one thing that I realized ,  in my playlist , I started to add  more songs of the “ bad girls “ style  . Catchy  melodies with some cool  lyrics and sure . . . badass outfits  .  While watching  a movie the bad girls always stands up , isn’t it  ?  The words they say , the way they move , the style / looks they have , just don’t tell me you never pretended to be a bad girl  xD . And since I’m saying it , I have to agree with Willa Holland : “It’s so much fun to play the bad girl. Everybody has that little side of them they never really get to get out” .  
“There are no good girls  gone wrong  - just bad girls found out “  -  Mae West 
 Personally , I think everybody has this little bad side , but everybody has their own definition of the word “bad “ . What being bad means to you ? Being daring and flirty ? Or party hard girl ? Playboy  ? Or maybe not being afraid to break some rules ? Whatever it is being bad always seem to be a little more fun, isn’t it  ?  

“The reason Santa is always so jolly is because he knows where the bad girls live “ – George Calin 
The bad girl image is being promoted everywhere and it’s getting more and more  popular among teens ,even is Asia where apparently cute girls are the best or so I thought . And this is the list of singer/songs when I say “bad girl “ xD :

1 . The baddest female CL :
 CL ( the baddest famale ) is one of my favourite female singers from S.Korea , her strong and confident image makes her stand up out of all korean girl groups / female singers <3 .

2 The swaggy miss  IGGY AZALEA :

Iggy Azalea's unique vocals and cool outfits makes you fall in love with her , this girl's got swag !

3 The one and only MADONNA :
I guess there is not much to say about Madonna , her reputation is worldwide , if you don't know her , watch out , you're living on another planet xD .

4 Our korean powerhouse LEE HYORI :
 Korea's sexy queen Lee Hyori !!! Flawless personality ,big hear  and daring , she is definitely an " all in " 
4 Freshy LYDIA PAEK :
M.i.a - BAD GIRLS (cover by LYDIA PAEK )
Amazing dancer , cool style and all that with some great vocals .... yummy, cute pie Lydia Paek xD .
Those are my top 4 bad girls from my playlist , but if there is any bad girls you want to share with us , let us know on our Fb page :P . 

Be bad , let the Santa know where you live  hohohoho . Bye bye !!!
-NFS <3