Friday, April 20, 2012

"The Gift of the Magi" by O.Henry

Reading good books is very helpful in understanding the true values of this life. 

Your imagination allows you to try a coat of the character you're reading about. To feel his spirit, his feelings, his thoughts. I'm sure, each of us wants, for at least one day, to wear other mask, of a different person with other personality and way of living.

When I've read a romantic story by O.Henry, called "The Gift of the Magi", I realized that the atmosphere that it's around you, depends upon the sacrifice and force you put on to feel the REAL LIVING. 

A young couple. Two young: a wife and a husband, who love each other a lot. Let me introduce them: Della- a beautiful, auburn-haired girl and Joe- simple romantic worker. They make a part of that society grade who will celebrate this Christmas without a cent in their pockets. But they have high hopes that they would find a solution to buy a present for both.

Della knew about the love of her husband for his pocket-clock and her amazing hair. The present that Della wanted to give him is a gold chain for his watch. And the best solution is to sell her hair. So, Della found a store that sold hair and asked to pay for her curly locks.

 She bought this chain and came back home to meet her lovely husband. At the same time, Joe wanted to buy as precious present as his wife chose. His eyes stopped on the tortoiseshell hair combs that Della wanted for a long time.

When Joe came home he saw a double surprise. Besides his Christmas present, he found his wife with a new hair cut. That made him “a little bit” upset. The reason was not even the feelings that he had for Della’s hair ( he loves her for no reason) , but that he sold HIS watch to buy these combs.

This story reminds us about Romeo and Juliet that have given the most precious things for their love.

                       But what would you do for your love?