Friday, May 11, 2012

Snail Mail

   Got bored of internet?Want something new? How about snail mail? Had you ever written a letter to Santa Claus? But I bet you didn't get any replies,did you?
Have you ever thought of trying it with someone who will? The idea of this post is to remind to the people about a better alternative of e-mail,which is snail mail.
 Have you ever tried to write a letter? Receive the letter? Or thought about writing one?If yes, we're sure you liked it. But if not, we hope that you’ll have that wish by the end of our article.

 The feeling you have reciving a letter is the thing you can’t put into words , but just feel.They're such of little things that bring you atmosphere and the warmth the person had while witing you this "little diary".

 Do you have a crush on someone and can’t confese it? How about to put all your feelings on a paper?Sometimes we can’t formulate all we want to say the words of thanks, apologies to our friends,family,classmates and so on,but writing all our thoughts and feelings on the paper is so much easier, try it! 
                                 Sending our LOVE to you ...  
                                           NFS !