Friday, March 30, 2012

Love ~ ♥

  People can be really creative,all they need is time and wish,but most important people need inspiration. Everything we do,the way we see the things depends upon our feelings.
 Love is the strongest feelings people can feel.

When you are in love,doesn’t the sun shines brighter ? Don’t you feel happier ?Don’t you feel butterflies in your stomach ? xD When we are in love,we feel like the whole world is at our feet,you feel like your heart is going to explode and you can do anything for your lover. Love gives us inspiration and energy for doing crazy , romantic things, things you never did before,things that even you didn’t expect from you.
 The words on the pic  : Good morning my princess !

 Don’t you agree that the most beautiful movies, songs, stories are about love ?
-I'm sorry,but i love you 

-My sassy girl

-Three steps above heaven 


 I think you do !!! xD
  People must always love.Love your family, lover,friends,pets,country ,LOVE your LIFE,then you will feel happier and surrounded by care and good luck !!!
                                     WIth LOVE , NFS <3
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