Thursday, August 8, 2013

My first work experience

   It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote anything on our  blog ,  so . . . I feel a little weird doing it right now xD .Too many things kept me busy all this time , things like my prom , my family and friends , my final exams and  . . . (ta- dam !) my first work experience xD . Even though it was not for a long time , I made a lot of memories , met a lot of new people and most important thing , I found out some new sides of me that I didn’t know before .
  Still , my first day was a disaster !!! xD  In the morning everything went as usual , but then I had to wait at the bus station around 30 minutes, because my bus just wouldn’t come T.T . I felt so happy when it finally arrived  xD , but my happiness didn’t last long , because the bus broke in the middle of my way , had to take a walk in that hot day . Within an hour I got there .
  It was a small , nice place , but the music was too loud for me . Just by thinking of my first  day of work experience , I feel bad xD . Happily later things got really smooth , until I didn’t get sick  and the “ smarty pants” I was working with didn’t make it any easier , but that’s ok , I know what I’m made of ( gold xD ) joke .
 No matter what  , I had a nice experience . And now that NFS are back in the line , let's enjoy some music : 
 Beyonce - Grown Woman

 XOXO . . . 
NFS <3