Thursday, March 22, 2012

BFF or a Cruel Enemy ?

Friendship is the greatest and longest relationship between people. 

FRIENDS are people who always stay by your side,people who can tell you the truth even when we don’t see it or don’t want to see it,people from whom we can learn.
Each of us sometimes has troubles or need someone to listen and to cheer us up and the first people we are going to are your friends.

Friends are the people with whom we are sharing all our secrets and thoughts.But it can also turn againist us someday,because not all of them so good how we think they are and to realize it we need long time.Someone once said “ better an open enemy than a fake friend” and I totally agree,because we already know what to expect from our enemies,but we can’t never know when our “friends” will show their true colors.Nothing can’t hurt as much as when our close people betray us.
   If you were enough lucky to find a real friend make sure you would do anything to don’t lose him.
                                With LOVE,
                                           NFS !!!