Thursday, March 29, 2012

What makes us happy?


The life is not so simple. It has his higher and lower points. You can’t be all life happy or all life sad. It has his contrast situations that changes you completely or just gives your life a piece of cake with hot pepper. But don’t think that your life is an ocean and all your way depends upon the weather. Even the karma doesn’t work without your intervention. So, it means that all is in your hands. Take the “law” in your hands, change it as you want.

And you’ll see that even the nature, the world will help you in it. Maybe not in completing your goals, but in changing your state and mood it cans.
Well, may I present you the list of things that that make happy not just myself, but even all of you?

These are the best feelings in the world: 
1) Hot showers
2) The first bite of a meal when you are really hungry
3) Crawling into the bed after a long day 
4) Waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you had enough sleep

 These are just few of the reasons that make your day. I think, you will agree with me. When you wake up in a good mood, you feel like having enough power to hike the Everest.

   (Sooo, it's not really Everest. But anyway, it looks amazing, doesn't it ?)

Listen to Newton, he knows the truth!

Kisses and Hugs,