Saturday, March 24, 2012

My heart speaks to me through music

All of us listen to music. Someone just like it, but someone is addicted to it. I take part of the second category. I’m obsessed with music, I can’t live a day without listen to these noisy sounds. They make my day, they re-energize me and they create my mood.

One day I found a quote that says “If you feel sad –DANCE!”

You know, it really helps. Music is my favorite medicine. These lyrics read my soul. Sometimes I think that they are created special for me. So, music speaks to my soul.

If you don’t have any word to say just push the play button and give the player with a song to a person you want to present your inside world. And that person, surely, will understand the words you fail to say.

                                                 With love,  NFS <3