Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let's be SuperWomen- EVERYDAY! PART1

It is so hard to keep your body, face and style in a perfect condition. But, as every woman we try not to allow our laziness being a winner and wake up early in the morning to prepare our aspect to the appointment with the world outside. It is very hard for me either, especially when you are totally submerged in your business/ school/ work. By the end, being completely exhausted with this loooong morning routine, I decided to find information to help me and you being ready from the toes ‘til the hair for the ”hard” day. Complying this simple rules won’t take much time and won’t let you to turn into a “scarecrow” ))

Let first make a plan. We divide the whole week into the categories:
Monday: HAIR
Tuesday: FACE
Wednesday: BODY
Thursday: NAILS
Friday: HAIR
Saturday: FACE
+ We shouldn’t forget about the morning exercises! I know it’s hard. And it’s harder in the cold mornings, when your only wish is not to leave your lovely bed. But a cool body doesn’t grow on the pastry. So, the exercises are very easy and the most important are very effective:

1)  60 abs exercises
2) 20 bendings forward
3) 20  tilts right
4) 20 leans on the left 
5) 40 squats

So, every step need to be done by time. You can’t get everything in a moment. The second part you’ll see next time. But now, you have a week of exercises as a first step. Hope I will resist, too =D

P.S.: A small playlist with some music for training: The Playlist

                                                               With Love,