Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween !

Halloween is coming ! Are you guys ready to have some fun?
 Halloween is one of my favorite holidays . Curious why ? Because I think everybody wants sometimes to put on a mask and do some crazy things you normally won’t do xD . And Halloween is the perfect day for it! Don’t you think so  ?

Having hard times doing your costume ? Don’t know whom you want to be ?

Want to be mysterious ?
Maybe you want look scary ?
Or want to be cute ?
I know it’s her daily look , but I’d try it for Halloween .

Whatever your choice is I think I know who can help you !
 She is Promise Phan , one of my favorite make-up artists. Her videos + a bit of practice and you will have an incredible Halloween . Or you could do a mask on your own , which is a bit harder I think . But here is a mask I like : 

Let’s have fun !!! 
Hope you’ll have some great time trying it . 
Happy Halloween ,NFS !