Monday, July 18, 2011

Haters make me FAMOUS or I love my haters!

Why I love my haters?

Because they are so funny when they start speak about me or every time think how to make me something bad. You know? They are like little kids. Mommy didn't allow them to eat sweets and they try to make something bad ( how they think it's very bad thing that they make :D ). But it looks so funny.

And if your hate you make this person more famous :D :D :D .The things you call bad , become something good after a little time. And now? The person you hate has just to laugh !!!! At this moment, YOU become the most unpopular and stupid person in the WHOLE WORLD. Do you want it?

Why a person become a hater:
1) because another one have something that he doesn't
2) because another one is more popular than he is
3) again because another one HAVE SOMETHING that HE DOESN'T!!!!

Stop being a hater! Of course if just you don't care being stupid, so, it's ok. But if you are a normal person , STOP, you are beutiful in the way you are. And that person you hate might have no idea why you are angry at him.

Nobody is perfect!

You may be an idol for somebody. But how an idol may be a hater? You should think about it.
You are beautiful , people !

P.S: I LOVE you little HATERS !
        Kisses & Hugs