Sunday, July 10, 2011

What is in fashion?

I come back to the fashion again:D
So, in my post I'd like to show you what will be in fashion in autumn/winter 2011-2012.

I really like to surf the internet and to look up through the web sites about fashion trends. The one that I like is Vogue website. And now, I'm going to show you what I liked in the collections of the best designers on the fashion weeks that took place in different cities and in different time (some of them took place in spring and some of them ware really not so long ago).
Let's begin, shall we?
(All the pictures I have taken from the Russian Vogue website. The pictures I took show the clothes that I like most)

One of the trends of these seasons are:
1)Black and Red colors
My opinion: I really love Black and Red. In my opinion every girl should have in their wardrobe some clothes of those colors. Black will be treandy every time, because it gives to everybody a mystery look
But mysterious girls will be always in fashion. Red describes a story about passion (passion love I'd say) that will take your breath away.
Things I liked:
Alexander McQueen scarf that I LOVE

Burberry Prorsum amazing boots

Erdem mysterious dress

Nicholas Kirkwood incredible shoes I'm in love with :)

Michel Kors elegant dress
And others...
2) Accessories of this autumn: (Best bags, clutches, etc.)
My opinion: I think that accessories play the incredible role in your style. So, they complete the look, especially bags. Every girl needs a bag!!! And if it's a trendy bag it's SUPER cool.

So, look up the most fashionable bags of this autumn:


Nina Ricci
Yves Saint Laurent

And others...

Cooming soon the second part...:)
Check out the websites that inspired me to create this post: Russian Vogue and International Vogue !

                                                                       Have a nice day!