Sunday, July 17, 2011

No time for negativity

   "No time for negativity " that's what i'm saying to myself everyday . Did u ever heard that "if you want something to be yours and always say it to yourself ,then it will become real "?So, what do you think about it ? I truly think it's true  if you want  something with all your heart ,without having negative thoughts, then you will have it.If you tell yourself ,"i know i'm going to fail this test tomorrow "you could end up so stressed out that you don't sleep well and you might be so sleepy the next day that you really fail this test.But if you tell yourself "i know i'll pass this audition " it will just add you confidence that will make you feel more comfortable and helps you easily pass it.Thoughts affect your feelings,feelings affect actions which affect your future.Now you see ? I was right =P.Even if someone told u something bad ,keep on smiling what if in this moment your prince will fall in love with your smile ? xD
                                                                          Always smiling ♥NFS ♥...... xD